Iman Aldebe is a designer and visual artist, based in Stockholm. Her designs became a new and unique voice in fashion and is a widely read reference the world over.
Born and raised in the Sweden, with parents from Jordan, she was raised in a highly creative environment with an emphasis on aesthetic and expressive freedom.
- " Focus on what you want to do and let art pave the way.."

With a professional background in fashion, Iman went straight from a design education to starting a womenswear label, Iman Aldebe haute, which gained much success both in the Sweden and internationally.
Currently Iman is working with artists and designers on collaborative fashion projects, and writing for her blog and print publications.

- "Manifest your own history through art".

Iman Aldebe was also named one of the newcomer designers on Short Cuts Magazine.
Her Collection -Eco Luxury is designed for the career women. Iman Aldebe spectacular creations and designs transform the typical modest symbol into beautiful couture garments and turbans.

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