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Happy Turbans by Iman Aldebe

Iman Aldebe is a designer and visual artist. Her artistic outlook on the world was marked trough her design and her design fast became a new and unique voice in fashion on the national and international fashion scene. 

Born and raised in the Sweden, with highly representated parents, she was raised in a highly creative environment with an emphasis on aesthetic and expressive freedom.

“There is a strange juxtaposition of cultures in my life and I’m constantly looking for that strange beauty in what I design. There is a side of me obsessed with simplicity and the beauty of the unseen that is very Jordanian, and then this rebellious, rather eccentric aspect that is the sum of growing up in Sweden.”

With a professional background in fashion, Iman went straight from a design education to starting a label, Happy Turbans by Iman Aldebe, which gained much success both in the Sweden and internationally.

Currently Iman is working with artists and designers on collaborative fashion projects, and writing on he instagram, blog and other print publications.

“I love to work in different mediums, and to always keep myself in a position of learning and creating. There is no difference in the root of the art, it all has the same stem, but it’s a wonderful thing to see the divergence in the paths it can take.”

Iman Aldebe was also named one of the newcomer designers on Short Cuts Magazine. And was featured on nr 2 Yumo One´s entreprenur list. She has participated on Project Runway Sweden October 2012 and on Von Svenssons Kläder October 2013. She was nominated for Women of the year for Expressen Årets Kvinna 2018.

She had exhibitions with her turbans at the Swedish National Museum ”Design Stories”, ArkDes, Vandalorum konst & design, Design Museum Helsinki, Museum of modern art in Aalborg Denmark; ”Travel as a tool”.

Today, Aldebe has a large international following, and is engaged in trying to change the conception of modest fashion in the Arab world. Through active strategies on social media, she has made her turban design travel to for example UAE, Jordan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.